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Executive Coaching

LeaderShip Edge Management Consultants, Inc. provides individual and group coaching to build the emotional intelligence and behavioral repertoire necessary to prioritize, build chemistry and initiate the individual strategies and tactics necessary for individual, group and organization success. Our executive coaching is one of the most expedient means of closing the gap between current and desired behavior.

Coaching Topics



  • New manager on boarding process

  • Managing others

  • Key leadership competencies

  • Job and competency alignment

  • Managing up

  • Managing self, key to successful leadership

  • Setting strategic direction

  • Inspiring others

  • Enhancing team performance

  • Coaching and feedback

  • Team development and performance

  • Conflict management

  • Enhanced communications

  • Building confidence and personal efficacy

  • Collaborative relationships

  • Cross-boundary collaboration

  • Personal and team vision

  • Delegation

2010 - present

2010 - present

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